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Our guests mix and mingle as they explore Astor & Black's spring merchandise.

PHOTOS: Astor & Black’s Spring Trunk Show!

Last Thursday, we welcomed guests from near and far to an exclusive event, highlighting our spring custom clothing collections. Limited edition fabric bolts from our high-end fabric purveyors, as well as high quality ready-to-wear garments and luxurious accessories lined the tables as loyal clients and new faces alike filled the room to join in the totally custom Astor & Black experience.

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Limited Edition Fabrics

Fabric Feature: 5 Limited Edition Spring Sport Coats

These five sport coat selections are only available at Astor & Black. No other retailers have access to this incredible, limited edition Loro Piana cloth collection. If you are only satisfied with the absolute best, check out our five favorite sport coats for spring.

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Mission-Impossible-Ghost-Protocol Blue Suit

What is that Fabric? The Killer Blue Suit from Mission Impossible — Ghost Protocol.

The fourth installment of Mission Impossible, as well as being the best action movie since–well, ever– features what we predict to be the single coolest suit of the year. It’s the iconic blue suit that Ethan Hunt dons as he chases his target through an epic sandstorm in Dubai, that has sparked our collective menswear-obsessed imagination.

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