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Pants Every Guy Should Own

Pants are the foundation of your wardrobe. It’s time you had more of them. You go custom because your look is important to you. And you don’t want to look like everyone else (or like you did yesterday). You want to look better. For the ultimate sartorial flexibility, create a versatile pants collection. Our Professional […]

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Custom Linen: Your Travel Companion

We’ll admit it. Linen is old. But it’s been around for over 4,000 years for a reason: it gives you so much without weighing you down. Pharaohs, priests, and kings wore it thousands of years ago for the same reasons we love it today: it breathes, it keeps you dry, and it’s durable as all […]

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Get the Look: Colored Trousers

Nantucket red pants have long been a preppy staple, but this season the colored trousers trend is expanding to a wide spectrum of shades. With a statement piece like colored trousers, it becomes imperative to select the finest quality of cloth. Known for their impeccable luxury cloth offering, our fabric supplier Scabal makes the search easy. Scabal’s cashmere cotton blend is the ideal cloth for a distinctive pair of trousers, and it’s available in an impressive range of colors. A Professional Clothier can help you select the right shades of violet, lemon, and cornflower—and the perfect shirts and summer sport coats to pair with them.

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