Custom Linen: Your Travel Companion

We’ll admit it. Linen is old. But it’s been around for over 4,000 years for a reason: it gives you so much without weighing you down.

Pharaohs, priests, and kings wore it thousands of years ago for the same reasons we love it today: it breathes, it keeps you dry, and it’s durable as all get out. It even gets softer the more you wear it. And the wrinkles? Just a sign that you’re wearing it right. So expect them. We do.

(Ever heard of crushed linen? It’s linen with permanent wrinkles. Permanent!)

The cloth of royalty, a display of wealth in ancient Egypt—linen was a statement of character even then. Now, it still says you’re smart, that you have the secret to simultaneously looking laidback and sophisticated.

So even if you aren’t headed to hot, arid Africa this summer (or perhaps you are?), it’s time to think linen, no matter your destination.

Our 100% linen fabric collection offers the savvy traveler the right balance of style and function. You can work with your clothier to create suits, jackets, pants, and especially shirts, which are offered in both long and short sleeves and feature a wide variety of cuff, collar, and pocket options.

Ask your clothier about these swatches and more. Shirt fabrics are from folder #9019. Blue, #4004. Pink, #4005. Suit fabrics are Scabal vintage linen. Brown, #801517. Blue, #801518.

Ask your clothier about our assorted colors. And if you’re interested in a suit, consider swatches from Scabal’s vintage linen assortment, especially the dusty blues and browns.

Linen: it’s pure. It’s strong. It gets better with age. It’s supposed to get wrinkled. What more could you ask for?

Your eternal summer wardrobe’s waiting.

To schedule an appointment with a Professional Clothier in your area, contact us online, or call us at (877) 278-6718

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