Featured Clothier: Angel Ramos’ Must-Haves for Summer 2012


As summer rolls in, it’s time to ask our resident style guru and Master Clothier, Angel Ramos, for his must-have picks for the warm months. Whether you’re enjoying the seasonal heat in Florida with Mr. Ramos, summering in the Hamptons, or anywhere else, these sartorial treats will make a welcome addition to your wardrobe.

1. Unconstructed hopsack sports jackets. In navy with white buttons, or in a variety of sherbet-inspired hues. Your Professional Clothier can hammer out the details, but I like mine with high notch 3 1/2″ lapels, 3 buttons rolled to the second button, Spalla Camicia shoulders, patch pockets, and side vents.

2. White jeans by Seven for all Mankind. I prefer a very slim cut, especially through the bottom.

3. Custom jean-style pants in cotton. I’ve made so many colors of these and have really enjoyed wearing them. They’re tremendously light and fun to wear with summer sports jackets and loafers.

4. Cole Haan Air Grant Driving Moccasins. They’re light, extremely comfortable (they have concealed Nike Air® cushioning in the heel). The variety of colors make this an incredibly fun shoe to wear.

5. I love me some Pycho Bunny polos. They breathe well, we carry a large amount of colors, and they pair extremely well with the hopsack sports jacket, white cotton jean style pants and driving loafers. Very casual, yet elegant summer attire.

6. All of the above would pair perfectly with custom A&B shirt with my signature Angel Collar 2. It’s a double button high collar meant to be worn open and with no tie. Sits up nice and high and looks outstanding with the ensemble above. I recommend a 9S double button angled cuff, and leave the cuffs unbuttoned–just because we at A&B do it all with an effortless flair.

To schedule an appointment with a Professional Clothier in your area, contact us online, or call us at (877) 278-6718.


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2 Comments on “Featured Clothier: Angel Ramos’ Must-Haves for Summer 2012”

  1. PJ
    May 24, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

    Disagree w/ Pablo. Dig the look. However, you KNOW you’re not comfortable in those pants everytime you walk (with each stride) and ESPECIALLY when you sit down. No question. Lots of “adjusting” required. Quite annoying. Been/am there. 🙂 … Women wear heels and hurt. Us men gotta sacrifice sometimes to look good. You def look good, brother. Nicely done.

  2. pablo
    May 22, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    Pardon me in regards to your clothing you were totally un-proportional … Your pants luxe like you’re trying too hard and I don’t want to sound negative but it looks like you’re trying to wear a girdle … You need a better proportion even though you’re would like a trimmer look .you can still do the same but the fit that you’ve chosen doesn’t look right on you, you ake yourself look like an egg shaped . You look like you’re very uncomfortable in your clothing, I like your colors and I understand closing very well and trends sometimes we need to understand there are certain trends that don’t fit us… So you need to just look and study your body proportion better.. Good luck

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