Featured Clothier: Jason Waters, San Diego

 “I like to put my own twist on things.”

-Jason Waters, Professional Clothier with Astor & Black.

Jason_Waters Astor & Black San Diego

Meet Jason:

Tell us a little bit about your background. Where do you come from? 

Born in Los Angeles, now I reside in San Diego. Home of Ron Burgundy.  I grew up in a skateboarding/surfing community and it eventually evolved into working for the action sport industry for a short time. As a kid I always admired the style of guys like McQueen and Brando. They reminded me of my granddad–he could wear anything and make it look stylish. Years later I found myself working for Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers; I got the bug.

How do you describe your personal sense of style?

I’m the kid that had to cut his Mohawk and get a job. I love the style of New York and the old English way of tailoring, but I like to put my own twist on things that influenced me here in Southern California. I look like a longshoreman when I’m not working, the blue collar didn’t stray too far.

About the Work:

What brought you to Astor & Black?

Many things! I always admired A&B’s business plan. The fact that they could sell a suit for so much less than what I was selling them for in a retail store, and the fact that everything about it is custom. I saw a great opportunity in creative freedom and took it.

What are your favorite trends for the Spring/Summer Season?

For me it’s been the same for a few years now. Deconstructed, patch pocket linen blazer, navy top siders and 501’s.  Lately it’s been these little knitted lapel flowers that Gai and Angel (Gai Gohari and Angel Ramos, Astor & Black Clothiers)  got me into wearing. I saw them wearing it and I had to have one.  It gets me compliments every where I go.

What A&B products are you most excited about right now? 

Unconstructed Look 1. It feels like you’re wearing a shirt.

What does it take to be a successful Clothier at Astor & Black?

Networking!! And it pays to have skin as thick as a concrete wall.

Jason Waters with client Joey Camile at Club Opening

Jason Waters with client Joey Camile at the opening of F6ix Nightclub (Photo courtesy of F6ix and Joey Camile).


On San Diego Style:

What do you love about San Diego’s fashion? Is there anything you would change about the way people dress in your community?

People love mixing new and old clothing items or accessories. San Diegan’s seem to take pride in knowing that they inherited something from a family member and can still wear it, as long as it’s stylish.  I apologize in advance because I love San Diegans, but they have a tendency to wear their vacation attire to church, dinner, work and school. We need more diversity.

What should a visitor to San Diego put on his packing list?

It depends on the time of year and type of trip. Winters get chilly so pack a cool wool or light weight rain coat as well as a lightweight blazer for dinner. In the Summer/Fall months, bring a strong SPF, sunglasses, shorts and canvas sneakers. Pack a navy cotton suit for business; you’ll your money’s worth it, trust me.  And please, leave your bedazzled Ed Hardy/Affliction T-shirt at home.

Where do the best dressed men in San Diego hang out? Any great spots you’d like to give a shout out?

F6ix Nightclub on Sunday Nights–ask for Aaron. Ask for Kelly at Searsucker Restaurant on 5th & Market.  And Snooze Eatery and Filter Coffee, best breakfast and coffee in town.  At Crow Thief Apparel in South Park,  you can do a little a shopping and have a scotch while you’re there.

One last note from Jason:  I want to thank my clients for the support, loyalty and creative freedom you’ve given me over the past years.  I appreciate it and look forward to many years of design and game-changing ideas!

To schedule an appointment with Jason Waters or a Professional Clothier in your area, contact us online, or call us at (877) 278-6718.

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2 Comments on “Featured Clothier: Jason Waters, San Diego”

  1. May 10, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    I need to weigh in on Jason Waters. He just delivered me with my first Astor&Black order. I was a bit taken aback that he would be so arrogant as to finish my sleeves with the functioning buttonholes and have the hem of the trousers done for my first fitting. His response was “why do you think I take 90 measurements, it’s going to fit”. Unbelievably, two suits, one sportcoat, two trousers and shirts fit PERFECTLY. I’m a Zegna, Isaia customer of past, and am shocked that this product was delivered in such a strong way. Jason is an incredible ambassador of the brand, I’m hooked on this process and can’t wait to get my next orders in. Fantastic job Jason and great job A&B with the finished product!!!

  2. Christian Boehm
    May 2, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    I would rely on Jason if I were in SD to develop a style sensability that is uniquely you

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