Introducing the Scabal Autumn-Winter collections

As the leaves change, so to should your fabric.

The fine folks at Scabal have represented their Autumn-Winter collections with a key fabric. Each fabric, coupled with a fictional character whose name and accompanying short story will reflect the fabrics nature, quality, and visual properties.

N°752037 and Mr. President

Fabrics deserve their Rolls-Royce too, which is precisely what this exceptional fabric gem is. Made from Super 130’s and 150’s ultra fine, exclusively selected merino yarns, the “Optima” collection embraces some of the finest cloths a businessman can afford. The superior wool, primarily from Australia merino sheep, gives the fabric its distinctive softness. The solid satin weave provides a rich, full handle. A classic press finish creates a subtle silky sheen, which looks and feels impeccable. A double-breasted in fabric N°752037 is the choice par excellence to represent your company, your party, or your true self in an impressive way, with outstanding elegance.

N°500878 and Mr. Nightlife

If you want to celebrate life to the full and in sheer luxury, then “Velvets” is the playground you are looking for. This vibrant collection offers a wealth of wonderful fabric qualities and designs, from timeless to eccentric, for every possible festivity. Quality in variety is what this collection stands for. Take this fancy velvet beauty N°500878, a typical British fabric traditionally associated with nobility and the arts. It is composed of delicate cotton fibres, evenly distributed, with a dense pile for a distinct, tufted feel. Character, noblesse and elegance all in one! Just perfect if you are seeking a formal dinner jacket with an extraordinary touch to catch the eye of your fellow guests, all night long.

N°851987 and Mr. Explorer

If you are an active weekender who wants to look smart with a British flair, then the “Autumn Leaves” collection might contain your next favorite jacket. Woven with a blend of ultrafine lambswool and top-class cashmere, its fabrics’ soft touch will give you a great feeling of comfort. Scabal selects its cashmere from goats living in the cold mountains of Mongolia and China. To survive in this climate, the goats develop a layer of fluffy fibre, cashmere. To improve the quality of the Mongolian fibres, Scabal blends them with Chinese cashmere, which is whiter, finer and shorter. The subtle brushed effect adds small tufts to the surface, which makes the fabric more voluminous and pleasantly warm. Fabric N°851987 will uplift your free hours with its harmonious bond between tradition, fashion, and prime Scabal quality.

N°702806 and Mr. Natural

If you are a businessman who likes to keep in touch with his natural side, then the “Flannel and Saxony” collection is exactly your type. Originally the fabric love of lumberjacks and woodworkers, flannel became famous for its excellent warmth keeping qualities. Its luxury version in Super 130’s wool with a fashionable British design, will seduce all modern heroes. The renowned Saxon sheep yarn gives the flannel a voluminous and fleecy feel, enhanced by a special finishing with warm water and soap. A high quality flannel is always characterized by a very good finishing. Rubbing the flannel with natural soap gives it a less ‘clean’ look and makes the fabric woolly and thicker than average, while staying supple in appearance and handle. Perfect for a waistcoated suit to keep you warm and elegant during the cold winter months and give you all the daily softness you need.

visit to read more about this amazing collection.

Whether you’re looking for a jacket to steal the gaze of everyone at the dinner table or just want to up your wardrobe with some British flair, Astor & Black has you covered.


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