The Skinny on Skinny Ties.

Let’s face it: fashion repeats itself.

Some of you may rather not re-live the 80s, but the rad fads of the decade have returned. Gentlemen, it is time to embrace the stylish effects of a skinny tie.
A custom suit serves the offers you the best fit for your body.  An Astor & Black garment is tailored to provide the comfort of a second skin that enhances your build.  Slim ties complement a fitted suit by accentuating a tall, slender frame.  Though you can’t go wrong with the three-and-a-half inch width of a traditional necktie, narrow ties have a personality all their own.

The thinner the tie, the more retro the look. But whether dressed to the nines in a formal tux or kicking back in jeans and a casual button-up, we can’t deny that a narrow tie adds flair.

But keep in mind the importance of proportion: a thinner tie should mean a thinner lapel and smaller shirt collar, as well as a smaller tie knot.  For a clean look, a half-Windsor is your best bet, otherwise a simple four-in-hand will do.


image.png image.png

So is a skinny tie right or wrong for you?

Schedule an appointment with a professional clothier to find out.



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