CEO David Schottenstein joins Buy Young Entrepreneurs on FOX & Friends.

CEO David Schottenstein participated in FOX & Friend’s round table discussion with other young entrepreneurs on America’s Unemployment Crisis. Schottenstein and the other guests attended  Our Time’s Buy Young event at the Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC.

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Owning the Future

by Kent Hoover Jul 13 2011
More than 100 young entrepreneurs go to Washington, D.C., to give policymakers their insights on the nation’s jobs crisis, the economy, and how to promote not only innovation, but also how to create and sustain a thriving marketplace of ideas.
Our Time gathered 125 of the nation’s top young CEOs in Washington, D.C., for the launch of Buy Young.
Image: Photo by Ian Wagreich/U.S. Chamber of Commerce via Flickr

Despite the summer heat and the usual partisan gridlock, there was a little more energy in Washington, D.C., today.

That’s because more than 100 young entrepreneurs gathered in the nation’s capital for meetings at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Capitol Hill, and the White House. The purpose was to launch Our Time’s Buy Young initiative, a campaign to encourage Americans to support companies and organizations founded by people who are under 30. As a side benefit, policymakers got to hear what these young risk takers are thinking.

That’s important because “it is young entrepreneurs who will lead the way to economic recovery,” said David Schottenstein, who founded Astor & Black Custom Clothiers in Columbus, Ohio, in 2005 when he was 21.

In some ways, Schottenstein is like entrepreneurs from older generations. He finds high taxes to be “demotivating,” and he complains about excessive regulation. In other ways, however, he’s very much a twentysomething. He may or may not trust people over 30, but he doesn’t want to hire them—they’re “a little more tired,” he said. (Schottenstein may want to add the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to his Washington itinerary.)

Schottenstein and other under-30 entrepreneurs have refused to let a lousy job market hold them back. Instead, they’ve created their own businesses.

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