The Top 20 Items you Must Have in your Wardrobe: Part 2.

The continuation of Angel Ramos’ guest post: The Top 20 Items You Must Have in Your Wardrobe.
Read Part 1 here.
11. Chocolate Brown Lace-ups
12. Camel Color Loafers with Tassels. I love the lighter shades of brown for shoes.
13. Navy Blue Loafers with Tassels. Every man should own a pair of navy shoes!
14. White Linen Pocket squares with a variety of different colors on the rim My absolute favorite! I have a ton.
100% Linen Pocket Square
15. Silk pocket squares. Here’s where I get pretty outrageous. I actually hate solid color silk pocket squares. (And stop calling them hankies! PLEASE!)

16. Classic IWC Watch with brown, black and navy leather strap.
17. Knit Tie in every color you can get your hands on.
18. Velvet Slippers with skull and cross bones, classic black, navy, and brown.
19. Pink, lavender and powder blue linen blend sports jackets. LIVEN UP!
20. Belts. Custom alligator, hornback and ostrich belt in brown and navy.
I could go on for quite some time with my Must Have List but here you have it. Regardless of all the clothing, accessories, shoes, etc in my wardrobe that keeps building I always lean on my must haves. My wife is always baffled with how often I wear some jackets or shoes when I have so much more to choose from. I can’t help it!

What’s on your Must Have list? Post a comment here and let us know.


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