Why the Sport Coat is a Closet Staple.

A guest post by Angel Ramos

So you’ve been building your wardrobe and you feel pretty good about it lately. Your suit inventory is going up and confidence level is rising. However the building of the wardrobe has to be balanced. I’ve spoken to several clients more interested in piling up the suits and when I start to mention mixing in some sport coats they give me the oddest look.

Guys, it’s cool to wear your suit jacket with your jeans once in a blue moon, but to be quite honest you have to have sport coats. A sport coat gives you an elegant, tailored look that tones down the seriousness of a full suit. This summer I’ve only been wearing sport coats. Not my suit jackets with trousers or jeans, but sports coats. Pastels, Linen Blends, Summer Cashmere. All these fabric make for light amazing jackets in the hotter weather.

Where to start? A huge essential is a navy blue blazer. It can be paired with button-downs, polo shirts, charcoal trousers, khaki trousers, jeans, etc. This is the classic all American blazer.

I suggest all men have one in their closet, especially with gold buttons. Don’t think of this as an older gentlemen’s jacket; remember it’s all about fit! Have your clothier fit you for a beautiful navy sports coat with gold buttons with classic details but an amazing modern tailored fit. Mine is my go to travel blazer when I fly. In my opinion it’s the best sports coat, aside from the most classic because you can easily dress it up or down.

I’d start with a classic two button notch lapel, and then venture of into getting a double breasted one made, trust me you’ll thank me later!

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One Comment on “Why the Sport Coat is a Closet Staple.”

  1. May 27, 2011 at 3:20 pm #

    Dear Mr. Ramos
    This is excellent advice. most men loose track of their clothing selection and inadvertently we keep buying similar colors and patterns for all our suits.
    I found that it is helpful sometimes, to line out all the suit that we own and make an inventory of what one has, what we wish to keep, what we wish to dispose of and in turn make a plan of what would be the next sensible acquisition, to expand our clothing selection.
    Sports jackets are a much maligned item because most of us are accustomed to see the world into uniform patterns, a look that is best afforded by the look of suits.
    However the mix and match opportunities which are at our disposal with a collection of sport jackets and slacks is one bit of pleasure more men ought to seek out, especially if you love clothes.
    These choices offer us all a great opportunity to deploy our own designing and creative abilities with flair and panache.
    Yes, yes yes, more clothes, better selection, and an astute planning for expansion.
    It is like building a business… but with a bit more sartorial flair…
    Mr Ramos, in closing i have been enjoying your tips and advice , have a wonderful weekend ahead!

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