Love the feeling of a new outfit? You are not alone.

When you’re part of a clothing company, clothing consumes your thoughts. We at Astor & Black live in world of bolts, patterns, cuts, and cuff links.  Buttons, socks, and sweaters: these are our conversations, our media, and our muse.  And when you’re knee deep in fabric books and line sheets, you get to thinking about why any of it matters. In a world where there are so many important issues, why worry about you wear?

The answer, friends, is this. There is a universal, primal, and not altogether insignificant feeling we experience when we put on a new outfit. It is a feeling of calm, of new resolution, and even if it is for the shortest moment, a feeling of hope—hope that a new look will bring a new outlook. That confidence in your appearance will give way to confidence in yourself. Women call it retail therapy for a reason.  

Our advice is this. Enjoy your clothing. Appreciate the luxury of a bespoke suit, of a cashmere sweater, or of bench made shoes, the same way you savor a delicious meal, or the same way you revel in a beautiful film. The works of art that inspire us ultimately enrich us and our lives on this earth. It’s okay to love your clothes, because when we get our clothes right, we get our minds right.

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