Summer Threads.

A guest post from Angel Ramos.

It’s that time of the year again when flowers start blooming and the rays of the sun peak through your windows in the morning as you walk in your closet to dress for the day. You take quick inventory of what hangs before you. The standards—navy and charcoal—seem a bit too dark, too heavy and too corporate for a gorgeous summer day.

Now I’m not talking about your board meeting suit—I’m talking about a holiday or a nighttime social event at the trendy restaurant down the street. Ladies are going home and changing into fun cocktail dresses and guys are just losing the tie and showing up with the same suit. Now I’m not saying that’s wrong, but it would do you much better to go home and come back rocking a great summer outfit in lighter fabrics and more importantly, color!

For fabrics, I suggest linen or cotton. Both are lightweight suits that are perfect for spring and summer. Don’t let the fabric fool you: they can be dressed up or down. Break out of the monotony of the everyday wool suit. These fabrics were made for warm temps.

Some guys avoid linen and even cotton because they wrinkle easy. I say WHO CARES! It’s a fun suit. I think the cool factor comes from that sense of Sprezzatura (effortless style, if you will).  Whether it wrinkles easy or not, you can still walk down the street with a “wrinkled” linen suit on, knit tie, ankles naked and driving shoes and still have a swagger about that just commands respect. Trust me, the Italians do it everyday and I don’t think we should start questioning their impact on fashion.

Here’s where we get serious. I implore you to go with lighter and brighter colors. Mix it up. A lighter navy blue cotton jacket looks killer with a pair of Nantucket red cotton trousers. Venture out and embrace spring and summer with a lighter, brighter look and disposition.  And just for kicks, tell your clothier to skip the lining and have your jacket guts go naked. Not only is it a great stylistic touch, but the deconstructed, unlined jacket keeps you cool as the hot summer months start rolling in.

Images from The Sartorialist

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