Astor & Black on ArtnHustle

ArtnHustle, a fantastic lifestyle blog, recently asked Astor & Black and a few others to participate in a conversation on a variation of an age-old question: Can style be judged? Here is our answer:


“The way we dress is very personal because it is developed from years of experience, yet it is also very public, as it is one of the few things that is always seen by the public eye. Style, by definition, can and will be judged. It’s all about choices and intentions. When you select a piece of clothing, whether it’s a suit or a cufflink, you make a stylistic choice. When we make decisions about what we wear, we make a choice about how we want to be judged. It is intention that separates the subjective from the objective. Without the proper intention, there would be no stylistic choice or decision.

Perhaps the only occasion when style can be “bad” is when a garment is worn without intention. While your personal style can be as specific as a thumbprint, dressing with intention shows that you care about your appearance. As long as you are aware of this, and you put your clothes on with purpose, you will be hard-pressed to make a fashion mistake. Fashion, like art, or grammar, or music, derives from a set of hard and fast rules. Knowing the rules of your craft inside and out is what gives you the ability to step out of the expected and create something truly unique.”

Join the conversation by commenting here or at ArtnHustle. Do you think style can be judged?

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