Jet Set Style with Malcolm Jenkins.

Last week we had the amazing opportunity to meet with Superbowl Champ Malcolm Jenkins of the New Orleans Saints for an ultra-swank photoshoot with some private jets. Malcolm looked super fresh in his A&B and, of course, rocked his signature bow tie style on the runway of the airport. He even took some time to divulge the progression of his style over the years and his reaction to being called one of the best dressed men in football.

Read on for the exclusive interview with Mr. Malcolm Jenkins.

Astor & Black: At what point in your life did you start to take style seriously?

Malcolm Jenkins: I never really cared about how I looked until I was getting ready to be drafted in to the NFL. I realized that being on a huge stage like the NFL comes with a price. Everyone will form their opinions about you based on the way you present yourself not based on what you say. Coaches, the media, and even fans will either love you or dislike you based on their first impression of you. What better way to make a good first impression than with a clean suit?

A&B: From high school in New Jersey, to college at The Ohio State University, to playing for the New Orleans Saints, how has your style developed and changed?

JENKINS: I think I am really just starting to come into my own sense of style. In high school my style didn’t really have an identity; I just wore sweat pants and white T’s. In college I began to simply go with what was in. So it wasn’t my style but just the style of the times. Now that I’ve grown up a little and have gotten a lot more comfortable in being myself. I’ve began to trust my own judgment and go with the type of things that make me feel good.

A&B: When nobody is watching, what kind of clothing are you the most comfortable in?

JENKINS: I’m a black and white kind of guy. I love to wear screen T’s and jeans as a day to day thing. If I’m not in a T-shirt I’m in a suit or sport coat. I’m not really good with the in between look.

A&B: Are there any other well dressed men on the team with you?

JENKINS: I think my biggest competition on the team, as far as best dressed, is Jabari Greer . He has great taste and knows how to accessorize his looks with hats, luggage, etc. I’m not a big accessory guy.

A&B: Who are your fashion influences?

JENKINS: I like the old school looks. I see things from back in the day and try to add my own twist to it. Like elbow patches on the sleeves, and things like that. One thing I saw and fell in love with was a picture of Stevie Wonder in a navy sport coat that was tailored very slim and he had an over sized bowtie. I like it because the jacket was very clean, slim, and nice but the bowtie was big, loud, and demanded attention. Those clashes of personalities are the things I like the most.

A&B: Between you and your two brothers, Martin and Myles, who is the best dressed?

JENKINS: Martin is only two years younger than me so when we were in high school he would always steal my clothes. I have to admit he made them look better than I did.  But the last couple years I think I’ve taken my place back at the top.

A&B: Some consider you one of the best dressed men in football. How do you respond to that?

JENKINS: In football? That’s saying a lot. I think I am one of the boldest guys in the league as far as the type of looks I go for. I can’t take the crown for best dressed just yet because like I said, I’m only good with my suit game. I have to get my casual and business casual looks a little stronger before I take the crown.

A&B: What are you planning for your spring wardrobe?

JENKINS: I’m a northern guy so I’m really just beginning to learn about the different fabrics and styles for the spring. In New Jersey it never really gets hot enough to change things up. I don’t really like linen jackets, so I think I’ll look for some light weight sport coats with bright colors and active patterns.

A&B: When selecting clothes, do you put form or function as a priority?

JENKINS: Form. There is no point in getting a custom made suit if it doesn’t fit right. You’d be better off just buying off the rack if you want a suit for function. Sometimes you might be a tad bit uncomfortable to get the desired look. I think most of my suits fit well though.

A&B: After the Saints won the super bowl, you were invited to the White House. How did you plan your look to present yourself to the President of the United States?

JENKINS: I wanted to wear something that I hadn’t worn before. I wanted to stand out but I didn’t want to be too far over the top because the White House isn’t the type of place you want to go experimenting with your style. So I chose a clean and elegant black sport coat with grey pants. My splash of personality came in with my black, grey, and white bowtie.

A&B: We would like to congratulate you on your wedding this summer! What do you plan on wearing for your special day?

JENKINS: Thank you so much! I couldn’t do a wedding without having Astor & Black make the tuxes for me and my groom’s men. I can’t tell you what we’ll be wearing exactly, just know that it will definitely fit my personality.


Images by KDW Photo.
Special thanks to Odyssey Aviation.
Wardrobe by David Schottenstein | Styled by Jamie Wells.

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2 Comments on “Jet Set Style with Malcolm Jenkins.”

  1. Gail "Rain" Rainwater
    March 25, 2011 at 2:24 am #

    Malcolm really has a lot of confidence with his style. He looks good in everything he wears. I’m sure that he and his groom’s men will look great in tuxedos. I hope that he and his fiancee have an incredible wedding day this summer.

  2. Deb "Flair" Wilson
    March 25, 2011 at 12:01 am #

    This artiticle was on point, on time, and very distinguished. It hit all points and gave me a very honest and wonderful peek into Malcolms’ sense of style!

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