Graduating Soon? A Must Read for New Professionals.

A guest post from Angel Ramos.

As spring approaches, the 4 most glorious years of your life (aka undergrad) is coming to a painful end. The days of partying and strolling to class in the quintessential wrinkled polo shirt, shorts and sandals will soon become a thing of the past.

You start having that mature conversation with your conscience about your post-college life and the first steps to starting your career. Whether it may be finance, design, media, etc,  you realize, “Holy $*#%, what do I wear to these interviews?”

So here’s some help.

For starters, please DO NOT go out and buy a black suit!

I’ve been saying this for a while and will continue to stress, leave black suits and shoes for weddings and funerals. Learn to add color to your wardrobe. The best suit you can show up to an interview in is the navy suit. It conveys power maturity, and, if worn correctly, it will command respect.

Aside from being qualified for the position, your first impression to any employer is your appearance. If you don’t believe your image is the first crucial sale of your interview, you’ve got a lot coming to you in life! As soon as you walk in  for a serious position, it takes your potential boss about 4 seconds to look you up and down and determine if you have what it takes to be the next power player in their company.

So you’re sitting there saying, “I get it, now what!?” It’s time to buy the first two most important suits in your wardrobe.  Luckily, Astor & Black has an interview package  tailored just for you.

We’ll provide you with 2 custom bespoke suits, 2 custom shirts, 2 hand made ties, 1 pair of bench made shoes, 1 calf-skin belt, and a $100 allowance for accessories.

Wait! Where the hell was this when I was 21 and had my first interview? Thanks to us, you lucky little schmucks get to test your selling and negotiating skills by pitching this package to your mom and dad, explaining to them that with this package and the image you’ll portray, you’ll be able to nail any interview, get that job, and eventually get  out of the house.

My suggestions:

The navy suit.

A charcoal grey suit (which essentially is 3 because charcoal grey pants and navy jacket is also a 3rd and great look).

A classic white shirt and powder blue solid tie.

A  blue stripe shirt and navy blue polka dot tie.

The rest is for your clothier at Astor & Black to help you with!

Now think ABC (Always Be Closing), schedule your first sale meeting with Mom & Dad, and become the intelligent, work-force ready adult you are destined to be.

*interview packages start at $1999

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