Superbowl Sartorialism

A guest post by Angel Ramos

Photo by Alison Curch

Astor & Black made a strong presence at this year’s Superbowl in Dallas. The festivities started Wednesday evening and ran through early Sunday morning prior to the big game.  With my background dealing with Athlete’s in Real Estate I flew out to Dallas with Astor & Black’s Head of the Sports & Entertainment Division, Joe Chay.

During the day we were running around delivering “Superbowl” suits and measuring up other players who wanted us to design several new outfits for their wardrobe. At night we ran around with our clients attending all the private events.

Fashion and Sports have never been two words you would think to have in the same sentence, however it’s shocking how it’s all changed in the last couple of years.  Athletes have been wearing suits for decades, from Michael Jordan to Lebron James. When I saw someone like Jordan in suit I would always ask myself, “Why would someone so legendary in sports wear such a ridiculous suit, in such a horrific color, with 1,2,3,4,5… buttons”? It was something I could never understand. It’s funny, when I was in college in hopes to become a professional baseball player I promised myself that I would change how athletes were viewed in regards to their wardrobes. Well fast-forward about 7 years and it’s all different, players like Lebron and Kobe are getting huge spreads in giant fashion magazines for their fashion sense and their love for dressing seems to be spreading to other players.

Joe and I were able to sit with his client Will Allen from the Pittsburgh Steelers and I was so surprised on how he stressed fit when it came to his new orders. Normally you would think athletes love the baggy look, however Will was adamant about having a slim fit suit and wanting details only seen on Milan’s most stylish men.

As Joe and I entered the team barbershop room, Anthony Madison literally walked up to him and said, “I need this coat”, and within 5 seconds Madison literally bought a grey cashmere overcoat off Joe’s back, (Unfortunately Joe spent the next few days mad about how cold he was). With all the athletes we spent time the main ones that stood out had to be Lawyer Milloy (Seattle Seahawks) and the one and only Chad Ochocino.

Lawyer stepped on the red carpet with a pearl grey, pure cashmere 3 piece suit, which looked fantastic on him. Every player who approached him flipped out wanting one! The fit was amazing.

When we partied with Chad, it was like he stepped off the runway with a black polka dot tuxedo jacket, with black formal slippers, I must say I was shocked! Chad actually never wore a suit since his prom up until Joe made him his first Astor & Black suit.

As I conclude this abnormally long blog, it brings me joy on how fashion and style has evolved in sports.

It’s not only that players are wearing bespoke suits by non other than Astor & Black, but the details in dressing that several players are now understanding.

From stitching, fit, designers and shoes. Joe and I left Dallas with a book of NFL names that want us to design outfits for them that push the envelope in Sartorial ways. Be on the lookout for these Sartorial Athletes!

See the more images from the Astor & Black at the Super Bowl here.

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