Keith Rivers on Bow Ties. Featuring Dhani Jones.

The bow tie was once thought of a relic of the past, worn only by the likes of Churchill and Paul Simon. Then it became synonymous with nerdism and pee wee Herman.

I asked none other than my friend Dhani Jones about the bow tie and his famous one of a kind globe-tackling style. I wanted to know if, as one of Forbes best dressed athletes, Dhani takes any of the credit for the bow tie movement. But Dhani gives the credit of the bow tie movement to Kunta Little John who inspires us all to be gentleman. “After all he is the reason I wear it,” he says.

Today the bow tie is back and stronger than ever in pop culture. With a suit or with casual wear, everyone one is wearing a bow tie and not just with a tux. Gone are the days that wearing a bow tie means you’re militant or a nerd. The list of people wearing them is way longer than you would think. Kanye West, Leo Dicaprio, Dwyane Wade, Kid Cudi, and the list goes on.

Personally, my two favorite ways to wear the bow tie are 1) with a collared shirt and cardigan, and 2) with a sport coat, collared shirt, and v-neck sweater, but there are so many ways to dress up or dress down with this accessory.

A guest post by Keith Rivers,
Astor & Black’s new fashion correspondent.

Categories: Timeless Wardrobe Tips, Trends & Lifestyle


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