A Sockless Society.

The following is a guest post from Angel Ramos, Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Man 2010, and Astor & Black’s new VP of Sales in the Southeast.

So you’re walking down a major city street in a southern city and from afar you see a gentlemen dressed to the nines. A fully bespoke suit, beautiful spread collar, an artistically crooked tie; and as you’re analyzing his attire on the way down you see these flawless bench made Scarpe Dibanco loafers. (Yes, consult with me on any Dibianco questions ASAP), and then notice—he’s sockless.

What in the world!?
Not at all.

Ladies and gentlemen, whether you like it or not, we’re living in a Sockless Society; well at least I am. Travel around the world from Beverly Hills to Palm Beach, Miami to Atlanta, or NYC to Milan and you’ll encounter gentlemen all over the world showing a little ankle cleavage.

Now as you all have probably read, I am a bit obsessed with letting my ankles breath daily. Maybe it’s because living in the sunny south allows me to do so, but regardless I love it. It may sound a bit odd, but in some sort of sartorial thinking I feel that sometimes one just looks better in a full suit, tie, bench made shoes and no socks.

It adds personality to the look. 

Now if you’ve ever contemplated going bottomless, and I mean way bottom (feet, of course. Please do not go pant-free) to start off, keep it simple. If you’re going to attempt it with a suit, make sure the shoes are loafers or monk straps, these shoes allow you to easily pull of a sockless look.
I wouldn’t do lace-ups. In the summer days of great hot weather, wear your vans, chucks, stan smiths, tods, and sperrys, sockless. In regards to casual attire, going sockless with footwear I just mentioned completes the causal look.

I believe in the sockless revolution.

So much so, in fact, that I’m going to start posting Sockless Friday Pics on my personal blog (RamosReport.com) and here on the Astor & Black style log of either myself or others around world going sockless in all attires. It’ll be my small way of inspiring those of you to get out of your comfort zones.

To join the sockless revolution, post your own sock-free pics on Astor & Black’s facebook page every  Sockless Friday!


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