Last minute Stocking Stuffers (This is for you, Ladies).

A guest post from Angel Ramos, Best Dressed Real Man in America.

In a race to finish your stressful holiday shopping the question that comes to mind is, “I wonder if he’ll like it?”

This blog is strictly for the ladies who need to get that last minute stocking stuffer so he doesn’t end up opening his gift, looking at it, thinking “Uhhhh, this is brutal,” and looking up at you and saying, “Thanks honey… just what I wanted… how did you know?”

For those of you who have a husband or boyfriend with some sort of sartorial clue, there are some simple stocking stuffers that you can’t go wrong with. Think accessories. Men can never have enough cuff links, tie clips, pocket squares and ties.

I suggest going with ties and pocket squares. When it comes to ties, to be safe go with the more solid colors, polk dots, and stripes. You don’t want to risk getting the flowery flashy tie and your tie ends up being one of the ties in his closet that collects dust and never leaves the tie rack.

“It the thought that counts,” you say.

Yeah we get it.

We still won’t wear it.

Cuff links can be tough because some men tend to be a bit more extravagant then other in regards to men’s jewelry so I suggest going with silk knot cufflinks. You can buy them in bulk and they serve a purpose other than a dress shirt. They can also wear them on their lapel boutonniere.

Lastly, pocket squares. Simple, small and a must for guys. Now I’m sure you bought him an awesome gift, but having these goodies in his stocking as extras only gets you to nag his less about throwing away the garbage and keeping the toilet seat down, alright maybe not the seat.

To all, continue to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!


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