It’s gotta be the shoes. No, Really.

A guest post from the Best Dressed Real Man, Angel Ramos.

I find it interesting and annoying at the same time when guys put lots of thought into the suits they wear, but when it comes to footwear they FAIL. Gentlemen, understand that an outfit with the wrong shoes kills you completely.

When I got out of college and started in business I was brought into the world of formal attire, however not with warm, welcoming arms. With my history of always wanting to be fashionable, I knew that I wanted to take this formal dress game by storm. So, I studied everything when it came to sartorial menswear. The guy I worked for –the same guy who gave me the famous line when he met me, “You look horrible, you can’t go out and see clients looking like that”—suggested I invest in a great pair of shoes first, then worry about the attire. You see, he taught me that a great pair of shoes could make almost any suit look great no matter what brand it is or who made it. But you could be wearing the finest suit there is, paired with some boxy horrific plastic looking shoes and it won’t matter. Your shoes will always look terrible, not to mention it just lessens the quality of the suit.



My first pair of REAL shoes were a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo loafers that I paid $595 for—at the time my friends thought I was nuts. Now as my friends ate through their $100 shoes, one after another, month after month 5 years later, and couple of trips to my “Cobbler” (Shoe Repair Guy) my Ferragamos still looked stunning.



So guys, don’t be afraid of price tags when you walk into Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales. Believe me when I say that buying the right pair of shoes is really an investment and will complete your look. If you don’t think it matters, most likely people who know fashion have noticed and are waiting for you to figure it out. START NOW!

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