So you’re holding weight. It doesn’t mean you have to wait.

A guest post from Angel Ramos, Best Dressed Real Man in America.

Photo by Alison Curch


A couple weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of having my sister and brother-in-law visit me in Miami. My brother-in-law is a banker with Citibank in NYC and obviously, he wears a suit every day.  Throughout the time he spent here, we chatted about style matters and discussed his suit game. For starters, I told him he needs to lose the ventless suits, but I’ll get into that at a later time.


Now, you see, my brother-in-law tends to hold weight, and I’m not talking about guns. He was so intrigued with my collection of bespoke suits that wanted to have some made himself. However, he wanted to wait until he dropped several pounds.


Now for those of you who are on the heavy side and have contemplated calling a clothier to set up an appointment, but decided that it was best to lose weight first, listen up.


Determine what your ultimate goal is for weight loss. If you happen to be a bit overweight—and I’m talking no more than 50-60 pounds—a good tailor can work wonders on a suit and still make it look great.


If your goal is to drop to a life changing amount of weight, 80-100 pounds or more, then I’d say wait. The gift of getting a suit made at your ideal weight would be far more rewarding.


I say all this because custom suits are not at all only for thin guys or those who are in shape. As I told my brother, having a suit made to fit you—whatever size you are—will not only change your whole appearance and add detailed elegance to your look.  It will also help you find the self-confidence you need to reach your career, life and, ultimately, your body weight goals.



If you don’t believe me, ask Astor & Black’s celebrity client Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side) how that bespoke suit made him feel on the red carpet.




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