How Crucial is Fit?

A guest post from the Best Dressed Man in America, Angel Ramos.

Gentlemen, I can’t stress enough how image is everything. Yes, that sounds extremely vague, but it’s true. No matter how much one denies it, every man has a true desire to be noticed for how sharp he appears. Whatever city I may be in for life or business, I always notice the guys in spectacular ensembles, whether it be Brioni, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic or Astor and Black.

We must not forget that the suit does not make the man. It should always be the opposite.  If the fit of the suit isn’t on point, it doesn’t matter how much you paid for it or what brand it may be–it’ll look bad. Too many men are skeptical to taper up their suits to their body for fear of the suit looking tight. Now having a tight suit isn’t the answer either. A suit that perfectly fits your body shape where you’re able to comfortably move around is key.

Let’s start by taking those baggy suits in your closet to your local tailor and having them take in the sides; perhaps slim out the sleeves and taper the trousers. What you’ll end up noticing is that you’ll now have a cleaner, more streamline and modern look. Get rid of all that extra fabric. Wear the suit; don’t let the suit wear you.


Now, you tell me who looks like he's about to land a multi-million dollar deal?


Warning: Brace yourself afterwards, the difference you’ll notice when you see yourself tailored up can be alarming!


For your perfect fit, find a clothier at

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