I get it; you wear suits. But do you speak Sartorial?

A guest post from the Best Dressed Man in America, Angel Ramos.

Hop on a flight to NYC, then take a cab down to the financial district and look around. What do you see? A bunch of suits! Wall Street Brokers, Bankers, Analysts, whatever you want to call them—at the end of the day they’re all suits. Billy Walsh on Entourage had this  funny line, “1 suit, 2 suit, 3 suit, 4”, referring to them all being the same, and when you walk down Wall Street they all do look the same. I mean there’s no difference that distinguishes one gentleman from another. I understand that in some industries one must dress a bit more conservatively than the next. But how do you stand out? Where’s the swag?

It’s the year 2010 and, quite frankly, I feel the laws of business attire have changed. Think outside the box; Brown is the new Black. We as men need to start taking our wardrobe a bit more seriously. Am I saying that everyone should only wear custom? No, because some are not able to

afford such a habit. I pride myself on being fashionable regardless of my budget.

The word Sartorial is thrown around a lot these days from guys who love to dress. For those of you who don’t know, its actual meaning is “one who is tailored.”

I aim to express myself through my clothing. It’s in the shoes I wear–the way I tie my tie. Let’s start by trying to dive into wearing brown shoes with blue and grey suits rather than black shoes. Trust me, you’ll feel the difference almost immediately! Make dressing an art, not an obligation.

If you can tell the difference then you should come back for more. If you can’t tell the difference then you MUST come back for more!



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